IT Systems Security - Bacherlor of Science - study in Polish

Nowadays, Internet become the inevitable part of business and private life. The global network offers new communication possibilities as well as capacity for on-line payment, e-learning and or new ways of entertainment. Due to this fact, every single day in the Internet appear huge amounts of information, that has to be proceed in safe and secure way. The current market demands more and more specialists on IT systems security.

On this specialty you will learn specific knowledge on security of IT infrastructure. You will be acquainted with the most serious threads and learn how to defend advanced IT systems. 

Why you should choose this course?

  • Free  Microsoft and Cisco certificates for students:
    1. CCNA Discovery 
    2. CCNA Security 
    3. MS-6419 Configuring, Managing and Maintaining Windows Server 2008-based Servers
    4. MS-50357 Forefront Threat Management Gateway 2010
  • free books
  • additional workshops and compensation course form IT

Employment prospectus

Graduates of this course might work as a specialist on security and designing IT networks. After the studies they will be able to take responsibility for following tasks:

  • coordination of IT systems security in the company or institution
  • monitoring of security level in IT systems
  • conducting control of IT systems on the implementation of security standards
  • recommendation, evaluation and implementation of tools imposed to monitor of IT systems security
  • setting up a security standards for various IT systems
  • testing the security level of IT systems

Please note: the course IT Systems Security is realized in non-weekend form and held fully in Polish . To study IT in English on specialty Software Engineering or Computer Networks please visit: