Logistics - Bachelor of Science studies in English

Logistics is found as a important element of nowadays economy. It allows to undisturbed flow of goods, raw materials and all types of cargo, but also develops the tourism in regions. Efficient logistics systems constitute a essential component of effective management and shorten customer expectations for delivery as well as efficiency of production systems. Knowledge on specific IT methods and tools is necessary to fully understand the essential features of logistics components.

Nowadays, there is a strong demand for logistics specialists all over the Europe. The TEN-T policy emphasizes the desired direction of the logistics sector development. 

The course is taught fully in English, what is its obvious  advantage. The student along with the solid education, receives a possibility to study in international environment, achieve excellence in English and find a job in logistics company’s all over the world. 

What after the study?

Being a logistics student allows to plan a future career in the firms, which everyday work deals transport planning, shipping as well as  organization of flow of goods, information and people.  Gained knowledge and unique skills will be indispansable in case of running own logistics business.

According to the experts you can be:

  • Organizational and transport traffic manager
  • Lean manager responsible for balancing production capacities in companies and for designing and organizing production process
  • quality, standardization and process control manager
  • maintenance engineer
  • Employee of organizational units in firms dealing with logistics, shipping, distribution and commerce
  • Employee of shipping companies, being responsible for controlling, scheduling, and process planning
  • IT systems engineer in warehousing centers
  • Warehouse manager
  • Telematics systems engineer
  • Airport maintenance service manager
  • Consultant in the areas where knowledge on logistics, economics and IT is required. 

Studying in this direction allows you to get collect plenty of certificates including:

  • Preparatory course for EJL junior
  • Simulation and optimization of container  terminal
  • Decision game
  • GS1 global office
  • Flexim simulation

This course has a continuation with the core specialization of logistics in transportation.

Please note: the course Logistics is not realized during weekends.